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Randy 4.5, the enhanced edition of Randy 4, includes one set of three camera obscura like viewing devices fixed on to the wall. Three drawings included in the viewing devices, which varies from one another, were referenced from different pictures. However, through the lenses built inside, images of the drawings were projected onto a translucent acrylic board, being re-translated into images, suggesting audience a mutual path of light and the multiple translation happens between original location, seeing, and what to be seen.

Project 01

Randy 4.5 (set of three)


wood, metal parts, translucent acrylic board, light proof canvas, convex lenses, light tube, wires, electricity, drawings on paper


Randy 4 (set of three)


wood, lightproof cloth, metal parts, transparent acrylic board, convex lenses, light tubes, wires, electricity, printed images, drawings on paper


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