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Inspired by the Yilan Beiguan master Mr. Kan He-Yung, Randy 9 juxtaposes distinctive self-built instruments of the east and west with the aim to illustrate an invisible connection and discover the hinting gaps among them. The work adopts the method of circuit bending everyday electronics as the way for improvisation and sound production, hoping to reflect on the approaching modernist trend as well as the artist’s self-modularisation.


In the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts exhibition Are you coconut shell? No, I am Peony, this work is shown as a part of an improv performance with artist Chou Hsin-Yu.


Randy 9 (Video documentation excerpt)

live performance (performer: Randy Yang, Chou Hsin-Yu)

Kuandu Museum of Arts


Randy 9 (Video documentation)

TNUA Underground Gallery

Randy 9 作品-0.jpg

Randy 9


Mixed Media

​Dimensions Variable

Image documentation of Randy 9 in detail.

Showcasing Randy 9 being used in performance and hung up in gallery space.

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