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Randy 14 is an art installation that takes the form of a sound device, combined with on-site sound recording, to create a sound experiment called "Filtering," which mirrors the process of water filtration using sound post-production techniques. The three installations in the artwork are composed of structures modified from engineering tripods, homemade filtration systems, and metal bells integrated with scales.

The necessity for water to be potable has led to the prevalence of various filtration devices in modern life, each designed to eliminate impurities. Water that has been used and mixed with foam, dust, and grease must undergo multiple stages of filtration to return to its natural aquatic state.

Living alongside the channels bordering rivers, the gentle sound of flowing water becomes an everyday experience. Inspired by this daily encounter with water and sound, I conceived the idea of creating art around these elements. In telephone communication, certain frequencies deemed less essential for content comprehension are "filtered" out to reduce transmission costs. In the context of sound as an artistic practice, "filtering" becomes a means of transforming sound. Is there a way to intertwine the processes of water "filtration" and sound technology "filtration" to generate new interests?

Purified water flows from the tap, only to return, after usage, carrying various impurities, back to the filtering facility. Is it possible for filtered sound to be broadcast through speakers, traversing human bodies, exhibition spaces, or even entire buildings, accumulating additional impurities along the way?

After striking the eardrums, sounds automatically disregard undesirable "noise" during the filtration process. What is eliminated, what is retained, and how do we perceive the elements that are separated and discarded? Randy 14 was created with an imaginative exploration of water, sound, impurities, and filtration. The artwork filters river water through stages of filtration with different perforations, gradually removing sediment and impurities. Finally, the water drips and transforms into gravity, striking the bells within the installation, producing sound. Additionally, an on-site sound mixing was conducted in the urban channels adjacent to the river.

Randy 14 at  Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts


Mixed Media

Dimensions variable


Randy 14 @ culvert near Mangrove Preserve Park in Tamsui, New Taipei City (Video documentation with )

Detail image documentation of Randy 14 @ culvert near Mangrove Preserve Park in Tamsui, New Taipei City

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